Welcome –

To the new Home for the Royal Australian Navy 16th Minesweeping Squadron.
We are a not for profit society and veteran group to celebrate and commemorate the work of the Minesweepers during the Indonesian Conflict of which Australia provided peace keeping duties.

Here you will find more about us and our role during the Indonesian Conflict in the 1960’s.
This site is to celebrate the history and legacy of the peacekeeping role of International waters and the protection of Australia.
You can find out about our ships and their history as well as keep up with the latest squadron news. On these pages we hope to share our ships, our photos and our tremendous love and respect for the Defence forces of Australia.
Please feel free to wander round, comments are always welcome, and we are more than happy to add any minesweeper information and photographs from RAN members.
Please use the contact us page. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.
As always if you wish to use any content from this site, You must ask first as some of it is owned and copyrighted to individual members and is not owned by the RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron.com or any other associations other than those stated.

Finally we acknowledge the help and considerable knowledge of the RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron, its members, the AWM and the RAN who have contributed over the years in helping to put the site together.

Please bear with us, it will take time to move all our content over, and hopefully add more as time goes on.
We are happy to have you with us on this voyage. Thank you for joining us in our new home here on wordpress.

Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated to the RAN but attached to the RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron Association and Social Club and is entirely non profit making. This site serves as a legacy to the history of the RAN 16th Minesweeping Squadron. The information here is an historical archive only and is not to be considered current RAN operational importance whatsoever.

All material © http://www.ran16thmss . com 2005-2019

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